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Wally Dog Wear

Let’s face it: your dog is sick of taking the same old walk around town and showing the neighbors how unfashionable its owners are. Last season’s leash? Dirt-stained collar? The same ripped bandanna? It takes everything your dog has to even walk down the block with you.

The thing is, your pup is too nice to say anything about it. They love you unconditionally. So why not surprise your loving doggo with custom dog wear made exactly to its specifications? They’ll be the talk of the neighborhood and you will be the cool owner. Think of the street cred your dog will get.

Custom dog wear is designed specifically with your dog’s needs in mind. This means that each garment is made to fit your dog’s measurements exactly. No more ill-fitting sweaters that itch and drag across the dirt. No more too-tight t-shirts that irritate your dog’s hair and skin.

These garments are also made with your dog’s health in mind. Each piece of custom dog wear protects your dog from both indoor and outdoor elements. Many dog breeds are vulnerable when exposed to cold and hot weather for too long. If your pet gets cold easily, a custom sweater or jacket could help keep them warm. Custom dog bandannas can also serve as sun protection without being too tight for your pet’s neck.

Dogwear can also prevent allergies from affecting your dog. It provides a solid barrier between your dog’s body and any allergens. Along with providing a shield from allergies, your dog’s custom dog wear will help keep your pet clean. Small dogs that are closer to the ground can sometimes drag along the floor and bring home dirt, leaves and other things. Having dog wear will mean less mess for you to clean up and less baths for your beloved pet.

Are nighttime walks part of your pup’s daily routine? Dog wear can come into play for these situations. Having clothing on can help make your dog more visible to cars, bicycles and other people during your walk. It helps you keep track of where your dog is going as well.

The quality of your pet’s clothes matter as well. It is easy to buy pet clothes from one of the many chain stores available to us. Most of the time, the quality is not up to par with a dog’s active lifestyle. Most clothes end up ripping or irritating your pet’s skin. With custom dog wear, you know exactly what materials are being used. They also last longer due to the higher quality of the garments.

With so many positives, what is stopping you from making your dog a runway star? Protect your pets while also indulging them in high fashion. Consider custom dog wear for your pet and watch them strut their stuff.